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Industry references and testimonials

Over the years we have gained extensive experience in many different sectors, working together with and for our clients to provide effective solutions of the highest quality standard.

For confidential reasons, we do not wish to disclose our clients’ names. However, if you would like to know more, simply contact us, and we will be happy to send you a list of references and specific projects in your sector.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the main areas of mercantile, civil, criminal and administrative law. We work for all the Magic Circle English law firms, as well as the major  Spanish legal practices. We are experts in contract law (sales, franchise, syndicated loans, guarantees, etc.),  and public deeds, power of attorney and expert reports, legal and administrative resolutions and judgments, and due diligence reports,  are just a few of the documents that we regularly translate.

Interlinco has translated a number of tax and financial documents for us and every single one of their jobs has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the specific vocabulary needed in these fields, along with their reliability and compliance with deadlines.

Senior Associate, KPMG

We have always been satisfied with the quality of the services provided by Interlinco in terms of the accuracy of the translation, their flexibility and capacity to meet deadlines, as well as the positive approach of its employees.

Legal and Compliance Country Head, Credit Suisse

Many financial institutions and insurance companies have entrusted us with the translation of their most sensitive and confidential documentation.

Energy and Environment Sector

Every year we translate numerous international tenders, bids, technical specifications and other documentation for international projects, installing thermal and combined cycle power plants, thermosolar installations and wind farms, power transport and distribution lines, along with numerous other large scale projects for our clients.

I have an excellent opinion of Interlinco’s work, they provide quality translations in an adequate response time, always promptly complying with delivery terms.

Director, Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering

Documents translated by Interlinco have been used in the context of international renewable energy projects, and we are extremely satisfied with the professional level of the services provided, and with the quality and compliance with delivery dates, not to mention the attentive and pleasant attitude of the company’s staff.

Manager Transaction Matters Latin America & Brazil, Vestas

Construction and Infrastructures

We have considerable experience and know-how in translating documentation for civil engineering projects (roads, bridges, airports, maritime works, underground projects Etc.) as well as building and concessions.

Since 2009 Interlinco has been an important provider of translation services for our Infrastructure, Installations and Engineering branches. Their translations have always been of the highest quality, using the correct terminology, style and rigorously complying with delivery terms.

Managing Director, Acciona Ingeniería

Industry and Automotion

Our clients are international leaders in the mining, metal, and chemical industries. We have completed translating and interpreting projects for several major European automotive firms.

Efficacy, efficiency and quality of work with excellent personal attention and service. ANFALUM has entrusted Interlinco with its projects for a number of years now, ensuring that our information reaches further and that our content extends to a global clientele.

Managing Director, ANFALUM

IT y Telecommunications

We carry out projects for clients specialising in the fields of information technology in order to monitor and transport energy, SCADAs, GIS,  in the transport and environment areas, for Public Authorities and many others.

Transport and Logistics

Translation of studies, reports, assessments, manuals and instructions for logistics and transport companies

Interlinco has provided us with interpreting services for many years in our Board meetings, to the full satisfaction of all those participating.

Senior Manager, Transportes Azkar

Advertising and Marketing

At Interlinco we work with a number of businesses and marketing departments in order to ensure that their marketing material will have the desired effect, whatever the language. We translate advertising material (advertisements, brochures, websites, e-mails, press releases etc.), which, while rigorous and correct in content manages to ensure that the original commercial purpose and message is effectively conveyed.

Thanks to the level of commitment to our teams and their flexibility in delivering translations, we see Interlinco as a strategic partner in the development of our company’s business and marketing activities.

Trade Marketing Executive. Goodyear Dunlop Tires

Consumer Products and Services

We are part of business endeavours for internationalisation and expansion into external markets, translating documentation of all kinds in this regard.

Since 2005 we have entrusted Interlinco with the translation of documentation which is key to our international expansion projects, with extremely satisfactory results in terms of quality and delivery times.

Franchise Relations Manager, KA Internacional

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