Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting at conferences, congresses and other events

In this mode, a team of two interpreters per language are seated in a soundproof booth and do the interpreting simultaneously as the speaker talks. In the meeting room, the speaker talks into a microphone, the interpreter receives the sound signal via headphones and conveys his interpretation almost simultaneously into another microphone. Attendees select their chosen language on their headsets to listen to the interpretation.

Our experience speaks for itself

We have extensive experience in simultaneous interpretation at congresses, conferences, board meetings, shareholders’ meetings and other large events for Spanish and international companies and organisations.

Samples of some of our recent works (PDF)

Turnkey simultaneous interpretation management

We provide turnkey solutions for interpretation at all events. Depending on customer requirements, our services include:

  • Previous advice and full management of interpretation
  • Top level bilingual, specialised interpreters with years of experience
  • Provision, installation and operation of the required state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment
  • Complementary translation services

Further information on technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting languages

We have a select team of highly specialised native interpreters with years of experience. We work with the following languages:

  • English simultaneous interpreters
  • French simultaneous interpreters
  • German simultaneous interpreters
  • Portuguese simultaneous interpreters
  • Italian simultaneous interpreters
  • Dutch simultaneous interpreters
  • Arabic simultaneous interpreters
  • Russian simultaneous interpreters
  • Japanese simultaneous interpreters
  • Chinese simultaneous interpreters
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