Certified Spanish translations

Certified English-Spanish translations to be used in Spain

Academic documents, birth certificates, corporate documents and other documents to be used in Spain need usually to be translated by accredited translators. Our certified Spanish translations are carried out by a team of sworn translators or "traductores jurados", certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

  • Contracts, Tax declarations, Protocols
  • Official and academic certificates
  • Company incorporation and articles of association
  • Annual Reports (consolidated / non-consolidated)
  • Documents issued by the Commercial Registry
  • Public deeds
  • Powers of attorney and deeds of consent
  • Translation of patents
  • Official transcriptions
  • Certified Spanish-English translations in the UK

    The "sworn translator" concept that exists in civil law countries does not exist in the UK's common law system. Even so, translations sometimes have to be "sworn" or legalised before a solicitor (or a notary in Scotland) certifies it for various purposes, such as when providing official translations for public authorities.

    Certifying or swearing in the UK serves to identify the translator and his qualifications. If you require a Spanish certified translation, We will provide you with a certifying letter which confirms that the translation has been carried out and reviewed by qualified translators in compliance with our ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certified quality assurance processes. The certifying letter will include our company stamp and the Certificate ID Numbers of our quality accreditations.

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